Woundings around the level of attachment need a very different type of therapy.  In the first few years of life, there is a download between the mother (or primary care giver) and the child that involves a lot of eye contact, emotional attuning, and compassionate presence.  It is through that process that the child internalizes a sense of self that is worthy of connecting with others.

To heal attachment wounds, the therapist needs to know how to heal attachment wounds. Therapies that problem solve, provide insight, coach, and empower, do not heal attachment wounds.  What heals attachment wounds is attaching to another human being.

It is through being present, doing downloads of eye contact, allowing the adult with the attachment wound to internalize human contact from another in real time.  Since attachment wounds were often created pre-verbal, what is happening in the therapy that is healing is also pre-verbal.  The healing happens as the client, over time, internalizes a sense of safety in taking in the presence of another (without performance).