Why Premarital?

Todd Harvey

Todd Harvey, MFT

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Why is Pre-Marital Counseling The Best Investment In Your Life:  Premarital counseling with a good therapist is one of the best investments you could make in your life.  The patterns that we “naturally” fall into in relationships either set us up for secure attachment, great physical and emotional connections, and a lot of joy OR they set us up for disconnection, inadequate intimacy, and a lack of connection.  Unless we invest otherwise, we likely either duplicate how our parents deal with intimacy or we over-compensate for how they have dealt with intimacy.  What is great about premarital counseling is it creates an opportunity for you guys as a couple to shift the culture of your relationship how YOU want it to be!  This will have massive differences over the course of your relationship.

Most people that go to couples counseling wait until they have experienced 7 years of pain prior to making the investment in changing the culture of their relationship.

I say, if you love each other, you may as well fine-tune your relationship on the front end!

Schedule an Online Appointment or call 510-686-3390, or email todd@toddharveymft.com