The three things I recommend most for couples, especially as we are in this COVID era are:  1)  Develop Rituals of Connection, 2)  Play Emotional Popcorn, and 3)  Do Holding Time Daily.  When they do these intimacy enhancing exercises, they feel more emotionally connected and find it easier to navigate the normal weeds we have to deal with in life.

1)  Develop Rituals of Connection:  It is extremely important to have regular rituals of connection that are co-created.  I recommend having them: 1) Upon Waking, 2) Upon Going to Sleep 3) When one comes home from work.

2)  Emotional Popcorn is a game I developed that enhances emotional listening skills that will likely make you guys feel closer.

3) Holding Time is a type of conversation to have that is very nurturing and I believe if practiced regularly would heal attachment issues we’ve inherited from our families.

If your partner is too triggered, then doing the CART technique together may be a per-requisite.  It uses love as well as some brain hacks to eradicate or loosen up anxiety triggers.



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